Could life get any better?

As of right now there is a question going through my mind. The question is one that I thought I realized before or one that my mind has tried to trick me on before. The question is could life get any better right now?  Well yes of course life could get better there is no doubt about that. But the way that I have been feeling the past week and a half almost two weeks now life just seems to be going for once really good. It seems like everything I went through back in November through the first part of March just seems like a blur as of lately, The best part to that whole puzzle is this,I do not want to recall or re live what I went though during that time. Yes I have my blogs to remind me and if you are wondering of a glimpse of that take a look back at some of my last blogs.

Now that I have your attention let me give you a birds eye view, now I said to go back and re read some of my past blogs and that is always an option but here is a quick glimpse. Lost a job, two flat tires within a week apart, no job until the first part of January. Meet someone thought I was happy might have looked like it on the outside but on the inside I can admit now that I was not happy. Delt with some major depression issues thought it would have been to end my life instead of fighting the good fight to live on. But looking back I would never be at the place I am now if I had not gone through that at the time. I am happy in a relationship for a change and not just jhust to be in a relationship looking for that quick fix, instead it is a guinea happy.

We have only known and been dating for only two weeks now, but each day with Melissa is a new happy day. A text or a phone call never felt this refreshing, A visit to her house hanging out with her two kids going to the park to play tag going shopping running to different places. People always said I would be a good dad one day. and without trying to jump the gun or scare anybody I could see that happening one day , both of her girls even like having me around. Not a day goes by where I do not have a smile on my face thinking of her or her girls.

The job circumstance could be better, but I do have a job at the time which is a huge plus. I am still looking for something else at the time but for now this will work… wow it has been a ;long time since I wrote a happy blog lol but alas I just did. Happy Reading Adam


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