Tonight we are young…

Interesting title to say the least right? There is a new song with that that as the title and I realize I am not getting any younger… But the lyrics of the song speak volumes to me more and more that I hear….” Tonight we are young so lets set the world on fire we can burn brighter then the sun”….. Now what could this be saying I loved when I helped with a youth group and I could use illustrations like this to the jr higher that I worked with.. The lyrics might have a different point of view then what I am trying to make.. but to me it says Tonight we are young lets set the world on fire with the love of God as it burns brighter then the sun. Let us reach everyone this way.

But wait why is this not always the case? Am I trying to say it never happens no I am not, it does happen more then we realize around the whole globe. The love of God does not need to travel abroad to reach the world either, even a small flame can ignite a passion. When I was younger there was a organization that I was part of that even a few of you were part of called Dare 2 Share. Now the next part I am going to share is from there website directly but it fits the song perfect.

We at Dare 2 Share Ministries believe that to truly make teens disciples of Christ, we must raise the bar spiritually, calling them to make a difference by taking Jesus Christ and the Great Commission seriously.

Why? According to Philemon 6, when we are actively sharing our faith, we know by personal experience every good thing we have in Christ Jesus. In other words, when students begin to share their faith, they begin to own their faith, instead of borrowing it from their parents and pastors.

The driving concept behind this movement is a calling, much like the calling Jesus gave to his disciples…a dare to share.

Teens who accept the call to share at our events are committed to transforming their generation through a relational and relentless evangelistic approach. These teens become the initiators of a peer-to-peer strategy for evangelism. They pray for their unreached friends, pursue them on a deeper spiritual level by bringing up “God conversations” with them, and persuade their friends to: accept Christ, belong to a church, and commit to THE Cause. We call this Deep & Wide Youth Ministry.

Lets light the light and share the passion that we have for the love the Lord and pass it on. Let our lights burn bright, and lets not back down. But what about those of us who are beyond the youth status how can our lights burn bright still? Is there anything for the next generation about how to spreed the light before it burns out?  There are college groups but so often those are sugar coated to some degree due to the fact that lots of the students they are attracting most are those who grew up in the church. We need to branch out beyond that level reach those on there level. Start a church for hard knocks let them know they are loved…. Happy Reading… I have no actual results of how to do this but somewhere someone has that dream started.


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