My Heart

At times my heart has been broken, thrown on the ground and spit upon. It has been denied by those who once even loved me. Yet my love will not can not run out. For who am I without my heart? I am a shell blinded by all those and that which is around me. Yet there are hundreds upon hundreds walking around that way each and every day. Even those who say that they Love ME.

Yet my arms are still stretched wide for them. I will always welcome them home like a loving Father. I will not question where they have been, or what choices that they have made, for that I already know. Through confession I will make there paths straight again, I will still be that light leading them. Despite how dark it may and or will get around them.

I made a choice to die for them a choice that I would never want to take back or even regret that choice. For even before I made that choice I knew that the outcome would come. Yet I still choose to. For I knew who each and every person is and was before they born. I knew them by name and I called them mine. But now the choice is there’s I will and always will love them and offer them a peace of heart and comfort. But they have the choice to follow and believe in me.

Happy Reading Adam.


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