Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone? That is the question that leaves a lot of us wondering what does the next step mean? I have been done a lot of that searching lately. Not all in a bad way, but just in general where am I going with my life, am I where I am supposed to be in not just my personal life but also on my spiritual journey. Let me fill some of you in on what’s been going on with both of those mixtures. The combination only can be scary but add my own twist as well… well who knows what could happen.Learning to Beathe  by Switchfoot is the song that almost defines where I am on my journey. As if I am learning to breath all over again starting over, new trust , a new love a new relationship(that is two months and counting now) learning to be a “dad”. Wow a lot of different responsibilities that are going on. To clarify I am not a dad, I am talking about my girlfriends two kids.

To be honest though that is not the hardest part or as hard as I thought that would be. I am pretty much getting used to the factor that these two daughters of hers are looking up to me. I think God had a amazing hand in all of this, all the years I worked with a children’s ministry all those years I was single while doing that. God was preparing me to meet a single mom. As interesting as that may sound. We have been going to church now together for over almost a month now. Her oldest just started going to Sunday School and enjoys it very much. It is so awesome to see the joy, the excitement, hearing her ask questions.

But anyway, other then that not to much has been really going on. Just living life and enjoying every moment of it. Happy Reading Adam