Time of your life

Well hello there Mr Blog, it has been way to long since last we talked. I am sorry for the delay in my witting. I am hoping to be back again at least maybe ionce a week or so. But anyway how have you been?  For the most part things have been going good. I honestly can not complain. Well ok yeah I could but would that do any good really? Lol not trying to put my self down here or anything just saying. What a update? Ok I guess I could do that, but not sure if that would really help. JK.

Well ok in April I started to date my girlfriend, yes she is real. lol Her name is Melissa. She is the love of my life. She has two of the most amazing girls ever. There ages are 2 and 7 they are both little angels.  so that was the start of an awesome summer which only got better. I had a job which was going alright but I still needed something way more stable. One where my schedule did not very from week to week. or if I forgot to turn in my time sheet or if it was forget to get faxed after two people said it would. Sorry tangent there lol. But anyway real quick back to Melissa, i love her so much with everything that is within me. I know that from the very depth of me that we will be together one day.

Let me see what else has been going on here. Oh some sad news. I no longer 8have my jeep Moe. And I got a new car though in the meantime whom I have called Silver Bullet.

Well it is that time once again for me to write off lol. But please be reassured I will return. In the meantime here is a song to leave you all with happy reading, Adam


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