What is your dream?

What is your dream? We all have dreams and goals that we would like to one day reach right? I do not think I am alone with that view point. But the question is what is your dream? Where do you see yourself 3 or 4 or even 10 years down the road from here? Does this blog mean I am going to talk about my dreams possibly, but yet there is a underlining factor yet to be found.  What in the dream world scares you from taking the chances that we so seldom want to take?

Am I going to go with Biblical examples of Hero’s of the Faith that had dreams and they acted either out of God’s will or out of God’s will?How much does God’s will for our lives flow with our dreams to begin with? Does God even use dreams the same way that He once did? These are just some of the topics that I am going to discuss within the blog this time. Granted I am not sure who reads this or even what impact this could make in the end. But this is just part of what is on my mind as of right now. The other part well that is the part I can not really interpret at all. It is very interesting to me that when we dream for bigger and better things at times the steps backwards that often follow just to reach those dreams/goals that we all want to reach.

If we were to start with Biblical examples here Abraham, forced to almost sacrifice his only son after God promised him that he would be the father of many generations, from there his two sons fighting over the birth wright issue to who is the mot loved/pleased to lead, to being exiled to live with his uncle had to live there almost 40 years to marry the woman that God had choose, to your own son.(almost full circle) being sold into slavery lying  to your father about the death to find out that he is second in command in Egypt. All together only 4 generations or so but still  to have a dream, and best part not even over at that point ether. Having all of your family and friends move down to Egypt just to become slaves for x amount of years to be delivered finally from bondage just to wonder around in the desert for 40 years for not listening to God. To reach the promised land, to have been taken over time and time again just to have a dream of a Savior come and rescue them. He comes not believing that he is the true Savior until after He is killed.

Not to mention through history from there all the dreams people have had, just not see them come true due to death. Now so many of those years latter the dreams are coming and starting to come true. Where am I going with all of this? Do not give up on your dream, even though you may not see it come true. does not mean someone else won’t have that dream and follow through with that same dream. “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”—– just like our dreams, you may not see the dream come true but rest assured one day if the dream is believable and realistic that dream will come true.— Happy Reading, Adam