Time IS::

So I realaized that it has been a while since my last note or even for that matter an uopdate of anykind. So I figured that this would be good time to go ahead and do that.Where has the time gone? Or even for that matter what has changed in my life since the last update.I figured that this would as good as time as any to update everyone…….To say the least I think I will start with the start of last year and try and go from there…..



Well for a quick flashback since I may have some new readers… it has been since 2005 since my trip to New Zealand and 2007 since my trip to Vietnam….


My mind has been racing a lot latley as of whrere I am headed next, I meet my wonderful amazing girlfriend Melissa through  a mutural friend . We had meet in April it has been almost one year since we started dating already in a few months it will be any way lol. Oh Meliisa has two of the cutiest girls ever that have adopted me as well they love when I am around to me I am there daddy. I got a new car car this summer my jeep was having too many problems to speak of really I got a 1996 Honda two door it is silver, so there for it is my Silver Builet. In October I had to find a new place to live, I am living in Council Bluffs Iowa now…. I never thought that day would happen either But God provided me stable living. I am working as well just a part time job but I am looking always even on the lookout for something more full time.



On more of a personal revelation my spritutal life is not where I would like it be. i feel distant but close to God at the same time, I am note sure what that would be called. I feel like something is missing withinin my own walk… I can not figure it out. i think a lot of it may have to do with the relational asspect. It seems like I have more “Christian” aquntinces then I do friends.I feel like that part of me is really hurting…..my prayer for this year would be able to devlop more relations with other Christian brothers.


That is just a glimpse as to what is going on…. anyway Thanks for reading