New Zealand 2005 Part 1

What an interesting way to start a blog right? Well you would think so considering that it is now 2013. Let me paint the picture if I can about a trip that I took the summer of 2005. And the adventure that lead me up to that point. So be prepared and make sure you have your passport and  a suitcase packed for an adventure of a lifetime. Does that mean you are you going to leave the comfort and solitude of you living rooms? No it means you are going to be taking this Adventure with me.

To be honest with everyone and my self I am not sure what even created the desire and urge to travel to New Zealand, yeah looking back I could use the whole Lord of the Rings vibe for the reason why I wanted to go, but there is more to this then that. I felt a desire deep within my heart to go to New Zealand from the very moment I heard that there was a chance. I was at a summer camp being a leader when I first felt God leading me to New Zealand. I was doing my one on one time with God on a prayer walk that the camp had just put in. and I felt a rush or a chill unlike any other I had ever felt. It was right then and there that I knew that God was calling me to leave the US and travel to NZ. When I got home from camp i told my idea to my mom she asked me when I was thinking of going and I said next summer . I started back at school that fall of 2004 and I found out a few different groups lead missions trips to NZ, but I knew that mine was supposed to be longer then two weeks or even a month for that matter. I was starting to get discouraged and give up on this idea of going. But then I found the group, they are called Adventures In Missions,what a great title for a group. They did go to NZ and they went for two months, covering over both Islands, and doing a lot of ministry along the way.

By this point I was nervous but I did decide to call and just get some more information about the project and what information I could gather.The representative that I spook with opened my eyes to going even more then I thought by the end of conversation and some prayer that we were both convinced by the Spirit that I was going to be going that up coming summer. I still had to fill out the application and get approved but I had no doubt that God would be opening the doors to me going. By the time I had filled out the application to be going I was still a little unsure of how and where the fiances where going to come from and also I was getting a tad bit nervous also.  In December of 2004 due o grades I was asked to step down from school, was that the blessing in disguise that I needed to get headed in the right direction or was this God’s way of closing the doors towards me going?

Look back the whole having to step down from school, was both a blessing and a road block from  me going but my hope and thought process had not given up yet on the idea,  By mid February or March after lots of prayers and talks with the organization I was going with God had finally opened up the doors for me to go. I had gotten accepted,So next the part I struggled with the most the idea of raising the money for me to go on this once and a lifetime trip. The idea of asking people to support me on this one and a lifetime chance, but the flood gates where opened wide with support. Support from people that I was not even expecting to receive from. I felt more and more at ease with everything my job had agreed to give me the off from work, and my friends where continually praying .As the time drew near towards me going, I decided to meet with some close friends and even a few people I did not know and have a night of prayer and worship at my church.  It was so encouraging to see everyone come out and pray with me.

So the day finally came for me and boy was I was nervous my first flight by my self, and before I left to go to New Zealand I was going to Georgia for training.On May 25th 2005 that is when the journey began and boy was I nervous. I transferred planes once before arriving in Georgia, there I meet one of my team members she was nervous as well but we were both excited to see where God was going to lead us on this trip. when we got to the airport there we meet the rest of not just our team, but others as well that were going on this adventure also to other locations.reports_send_binary We had some interaction through e-mails before meeting each other but this was the first face to face. Some had known each other before through school and what not but for the most of us it was the first time meeting. While the rest of the team was on their way to the training camp I got my first true test of servant hood, I was asked to ride in a truck with a team member of the organization with all the luggage . Talk about first eye opening experience, but also i was wondering why God had placed me in this position. The thing that I learned and that I had already known, was that god has always given me the opportunity to click or connect with those who i have not previously known. Oh random fact about that journey the turck broke down and we had to wait until someone could come and help us. The last time I had really ate anything was the day before and the time I got to eat again lol was about 24 hours latter or so it seemed to me.

All of that travel and arriving at the training camp was on 5/26/2005, over the next few days there, we learned a multitude of drimes in which we performed through the trip.reports_send_binary (1) reports_send_binary (2) That was a learning withing its own. But we  learned them. A few days we did not see the point but through it all we learned team building and how to work well as a team.  We really bonded the few days we were in training learning what some of our strengths and weakness were . we learned out a lot more over the time as well. It came time for our team to carry the cross. but the crazy part was that we had to go through the obstacle course and the cross came with us. There were many stories of people overcoming fears as we did this together. Taking authority over the enemy in all the lies and deceit he tells us, when he says that “we can’t do it” or “we will only let the team down” or “you’re going to fail”, we confronted those issues and instead spoke truth out over ourselves like, “we can do all things through Christ,” and “I am the head and not the tail,” and “If God is for me, who can be against me?” We made it all the way through the course with the cross and made it over a climbing wall, through a hanging tire, over a hurdle, across a balance beam, and at the end, we realized that it is the CROSS that has brought us together.  On June 2 we started our “never ending journey ” lol that is what it seemed like anyway. We traveled from Georgia, to Texas to LAX and then an international flight to New Zealand and then from Auckland down to Christchurch. One of the more interesting key factors to the flight was when we were boarding our international flight I sat down on the plane and put on the head set that was plugged into the radio system and the song playing was “leaving on a jet plane” . We all took a moment and prayed that as we were about to leave everything that we were used to that God was going to do amazing things through our trip and through each other.

So on Friday, June 3, 2005 we arrived in New Zealand and let me tell you we were tired. BUt the moment we had arrived at the house was well worth it. We pretty much walked in put our stuff away and went straight to sleep. but after an adventure and a half and then finding out that our schedule started the next day wow.But at the same time we were getting excited,


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