Darkness Vs Light

Darkness seems like a better place to hid and shallow up .But yet is that where we are supposed to be? What drives us into the darkness? I feel like part of that could be explained through our psyche of the darkness is a covering, what I mean by that is this. When we are growing up in our day to day lives and we got scarred at night what did we  do? We use to cover our heads with a blanket hide from whatever scarred us right? Ok and as we got older instead of hiding under a blanket we use to hide in the shadows. Or we hid our feelings deep down inside in the darkness, afraid to let them shine through for who we truly are.

But what if there was another option another approach? What if we came into the light? When I was growing up I use to have a nightlight that was in my room for when I got scared, I am sure a lot of us had a light of some kind.and as we grew up we were used to the light being around us.For the light provides comfort a sense of security, a sense of belonging. But let us remember that the light shows us as we are. It is harder to hide the scars that have been built up. The light can provide a sense of healing. A sense of true identity, but yet the darkness tries to cover that up and hide that.

So why would we wonder what the other side  would feel like? We all no matter who we are have that deep down inside feeling to be bad at least once, or another way to view it is we all have secrets. Wait we all have secrets? Yes we all do,some of the secrets will never come into the light and others will. Oh yeah by the way, the day we die all those secrets that we hold so close will be discovered, and oh yeah another thought on that …God already knows. Happy reading, Adam


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