Me a dad?

If anyone had told me five or six years ago that I would be a great  dad, I am not sure if I would have believed them. Ok wait let me retrace my steps here, I believe a few people did mention that to me or they would say “one day you are going to meet a single mom”. Well fast forward to the present and over a year ago I did meet a single mom with two girls, there ages were 2 and 7,and believe me not a day go buy that I am not proud when they call me dad.

Me and my fiance meet through a mutual friend of ours, and when she told me that she had two daughters my mind started to race with a lot of uncertainty. More along the lines of what would they think of me, would they accept me into there lives? When I first meet her two year old oh wait it was also the first time I had meet Melisa also, blind date and all. We meet at the zoo and she and her two year old were waiting outside for me. We went in and almost had this instant connection well me and Melisa did, me and her two year old bonded  latter. The desert dome was the first stop and right away her two year old was asking me to pick her up to see the animals. Then we went to see the lions and boy did I ever feel bad, see Annabell was riding along in her wagon being good and I was pushing her I let go of the handle and it bonked her right on the head, I felt so bad but looking back that is when I knew she was going to be my little girl.  Well and Kiari the 7 year old the first time I meet her before i got to the house the only reason I knew which one was there’s here she is jumping up and down all excited to see me and I had never seen her as of yet.

Well let me tell you over the course of the year and our bonding more the adventures we have been on not just me and the girls, but as a whole all of us this has been one crazy year. Each day it seems like more and more but it has only been a year and a half. Each time they call me dad a little smile comes across the face of mine, like “oh yeah they are talking to me”… Happy reading Adam 182191_3859368855353_1216555853_n


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