They say that the most common trend  of  friendship starts with two points of interest. I agree with that but there is always a few points that they seem to leave out. The steps that figure out the friendship after the first meeting.  Where is this blog coming from to start with? What could be the meaning behind such blog? Could it be how I feel about some friends of mine? I may use that term loosely in this blog also…

Where  I am traveling with the blog is an area of my life that for some reason seems to define me, or a part of me the part that I can never seem to place my finger on. For my personality I have always had that outgoing get along with everyone type, but I am way way more reserved then that. Not a lot of people know this, not a lot of people seem to want or get to know me better. I know that people have there own lives and everything like that But I am TIRED of always making the connection calls. Tired of seeing if the select few friends that I keep closer then others are always avail to meet up or to hang out.Forgive me in advance if it seems like I am bitching about this But its to the point where I feel like I am almost  second nature to a few of these friends that I have known for a while.

With the outgoing side of me you would think it would be easy to meet new friends and exchange info, but then with my quite reserved personality  I am a keep to my self person also. I will talk to anybody but to be able to say  “oh yeah we should meet up again ,whats your number ?” That is hard for me. trust is something  I have always strug;ed with, so that is why the trust factor is harder for me to reach out of my comfort zone to reach out but it seems with the closer the friendship the less likely they are to reach out to me. But for some reason to the same degree those who I may have known for a while say 5 or so years some less , those who the friendship has been established seem to do the same thing as well.

I DO REALIZE THAT THINGS GET BUSY, THAT PEOPLE DO HAVE OUTSIDE FRIENDSHIPS BEYOND MY OWN. THAT THEY HAVE JOBS. But to almost never make that first contact that part is really really starting to bug me more then ever before. Or saying to some effect or another “Oh I meant to call you, but was not sure if you were working.” Now do not get me wrong, I am honored to have the friendships that I do have, but to just stop all communication unless it is only one person trying to still reach out.. that is the part that hurts the most… Happy Reading, Adam


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