Which Direction?

directionAt times it is hard to figure out which path will help guide you in the direction that you want to head towards. But yet that is part of the journey we are on right? To try and figure out which path we are supposed to take, through trial and sometimes error? Does that mean we are just going to sit there and ponder about the idea or even for that matter dream about which we are supposed to head before we take that path and hope that is the best choice? By no means am I saying we are just supposed to sit back and view life as it comes towards us but what if we did?

Just think if life was like a two-way mirror, and you could see that glimpse of our lives within a few years and now which path we are supposed to take? Would that make it any easier, or would that just make us want to give up and just in a sense roll over and play dead? It is a complex thought to try and examine, there are others who have also tried to cover this topic as well. So is this going to be a self help guide to figuring out which path “we” are supposed to take, or is this going to be one of those reads where you ask your self what is the next step “I” am going to take. Over the course of the lives we live, there is always a few moments that we think define who our character is going to be, or for those who grew up in a “church” or a “religious” type of background we have been taught that prayer and God will help guide our directions.

So many of turn to friends as well to help us try and figure out the complex areas and hope that they will give us some sort of guidance and resource. But how many of those friends will be there when you fall short? when you admit that you need help but then there backs are turned? Are friends the wrong direction? That is going to have to be something each one figures out for there own. Is school the right answer. for some yes but what happens when you graduate? No offense you can not keep coming there each day in and out trying to get some sort of direction or advice, but I could see how school could help with a guidance factor to try and help you plan for that feature.

The question that really travels through the universe for direction is this” If there is so much out there for needing direction then why can’t the path be found?” Could it be there is to much out there? Or could it be that “we” are scared to fail so we never reach the true potential that “we” have?  And to think that there was going to be some sort of resolution to this blog! So where does that leave us in all reality  back to square one trial through error and through the fire. Happy Reading Adam


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