Save You

Where has my mind be at lately, it seems as if my mind is traveling  in a bunch of different directions. But why has my mind drifted towards friends, am I missing a bigger picture with there lives? Or does it seem like I have put some friendships in the back burner and not looking back, without thinking about it. It feels as if some friends that I wish could reenter and try and re build the friendships of the past. But why am I feeling this way? Am I not happy in the current circumstance that I am in, or am I wanting the dream that was once lost? But what do I mean by Save You?

I feel as if there are friendships that sadly I let go of, grrr but I mean that was for the best right? Some of those friendships may have been holding me back from my true potential of who I could have been or for that matter who I am. But yet the “Christian ” side of me still wants to try and reach out to them? To rebuild and re kindle, the question is have I lost someone so close to me in death that I feel like I have missed that chance? But yet why do I put so much pressure on the situation, there is more then just me to reach out right? Or another aspect what if I had not been there for some of the youth that I have mentored?

I am not sure where this side is coming from, is it a new passion to write or to reach out in some sort of way through my blog to those who may be , might be, or could be hurting? I guess those answers can only and honestly comes from those who may read this. But if you do read my blog, and if you need any type of help feel free to reach out. I will be there to cry with you and hold you up if need be, to listen to your dreams and to help encourage. But remember you are never alone.



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