Is it a wonderful life?

As the holidays are fast approaching us, and as I remembering different holiday favorites I thought that I would share about a few of mine over the December course. Viewing the movie from also three angels is a idea in which I would loved to have seen the film, of course the film is based on George Bailey and the events of his life. The ups and downs and the tragedy that went with middle America at the near the end of The great depression to the end of World War 2. But what if we threw in a third view point? What if we saw the film through Mary’s eyes? Through the eyes of the person that had the most compassion the most love in her heart who would sacrifice anything for her family just to bring that unity to the family structure. What trials would we really see? What doubts would we see through her eyes? Is “Its a wonderful life “the modern day version of the infamous “A Christmas Carol”?

While Dickens shared the story of Scrooge through three different characters past, present, and future, Capra the director decided to share George’s life  through just one Angel. But the similarities are so forever  into our memories.But how many times have we wondered what it would be like? To see how much of an impact if any we are playing in the world, and wonder for a brief second to have never been born. I know I have been there many times in my life. I often wish that they would remake this classic and make it through the eyes of the modern times. Through the eyes of a college student, a single mom raising her kids, there are different approaches the film director could take. How would the guardian angel take effect? Who would be the main antagonist be?  would it end if the main character wanting that second chance or would it have a more reality ending where they just decided it is not worth it.

Am I saying we need people to validate who we are or who we are supposed to be one day? No, but how hard is it to give a honest response and mention the good you do the fact that you are trying your best. Now if you are married or engaged I am not talking about the validation from them but the reality side. Maybe I am just dreaming, maybe I am alone with my  thoughts but this is my view , What is yours Happy Reading, Adam


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