A True Christmas story 2013 style…

First off let me clarify what I mean by the title to this blog.  What if the story of Jesus was to take place in the 21st century that we live in but with the Bible feel and atmosphere. So modern technology but still sticking to the true story of the Birth of Jesus…..Which version of the Bible story am i going to travel with? Or what new ways will come out ? Let us remember though that this blog is a fiction, but with truth elements.

Picture with me if you will a time no so much different then our own,a time where if you were 14 and pregnant you could bring shame upon your whole family.Enter with me if you will into a look into “Marys” Facebook: 3:35pm status update : So an Angel just told me that I am pregnant,in her mind she was thinking “Why did I get picked to conceive and have birth to Gods only Son” .How am I going to explain this to Joseph, going to talk to my cousin Elizabeth.Meanwhile Joseph starts to hear the rumors on Facebook about Mary being pregnant,Joseph status update: “Hey guys I need advice on what to do inbox me about this only and I will explain more.” Meanwhile Mary gets to Elizabeth , house who is also pregnant. They are happy to see each other, they post some pictures to twitter# Fun at cousins house.Elizabeth tells her not to worry but that she Lord on her side. Marry feels somewhat better but still knows back home she has to face Joseph. As Mary is wondering what to do she starts to pray,for comfort and strength. Meanwhile as Joseph is wondering what to do, he receives a letter saying he needs to travel to Bethlehem the land of his for-fathers with Mary to register for the census.

Joseph hears that Mary is headed back home so this is the chance to tell her about the census, and also talk to her about everything that has been on his mind. He starts to pray, an angel appears to him saying”Do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife for what is conceived in her is a gift from God.” Joseph starts to wonder about this, Mary arrives home and Joseph tells her about the letter and they need to travel together and have a nice talk along the way. So they knew that the trip[ was going to take a while, all they had was a donkey and Mary had to ride so Joseph lead the donkey. Along the way they had a long talk about why God choose them for this amazing venture. And what it may look like, it took several days to get there. It was as if there was star following them, and leading them to where they were supposed to go. Joseph posted several photos along the way,The-Brightest-of-Starsnegev_desert_1 the climate was not the best but they were getting closer to the due date. Mary encouraged Joseph to book there reservations ahead of time, but he assured her that there would be plenty of room. He had the hotels.com app on his iphone so he was not worried. As they got closer to town, it was busier then they thought, phone reception was out of the picture no signal at all. Sprints not working again thought Joseph.

As they arrived at night, the town was busier then they both thought. Mary needed to get into a room quick for her water had just broke so they knew any moment she would have the baby. Joseph tried numerous hotels, all with the same answer “no room , fully booked, should have booked months ago” Joseph knew he could not have the baby out on the street. The last place that turned them down, he asked “well do you not have any room”? The inn keepers wife felt bad for them and suggested the stable.”You two get settled I will be down in a few minutes with any blankets and food I can find,”, Joseph asked “also could you please bring some water also.”After what seemed like a few hours, but in all reality probably only a few minutes Mary gave birth to a healthy 9lb 5 oz baby boy and named him Jesus. She laid him in the manger after Joseph made it into a bed,the inn keeper and his wife brought them some food and some blankets for they knew it was going to be a cold night.

That same night in the hillside of Bethlehem there was a group of shepherds gathering with there flocks, they were all discussing the business of the town, and how glad they were that they did not live there. they had a glowing small fire to keep them warm, as they were discussing life and the price of sheep on the market there shown a light on the next hill. As they gathered slowly to figure out what the light was they heard a voice  “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. ….  for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.” All of a sudden the whole night sky was filled Angels were everywhere and they saying ““Glory to God in the highest heaven,and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”. And just like a flash of lightning the angels had left, the shepherds looked at each other confused almost what do we do next, the decided to go and seek out what the angles were talking about As the walked into the busy town, they did not know where to go or who to ask but there was one star shining brighter then the rest shining down on the manger were Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus were. They walked in Joseph at first thought that they were with the hotel or the city commission  asking them to leave, but then he realized they were shepherds. The shepherds did not speak at first and then Luke spook for the group, “the angels told us where to go and where to find you. They said that your baby was the Savior” Joseph then knew this was not going to be an ordinary child.  As soon as the shepherds left they sent out tweets and texts telling anyone and everybody that they could.

Is this the end of the story? by no means stay tuned to see what happens next… Happy Reading Adam


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