To write or Not to write?

What is the passion the drive behind a writer, in other words what fuels a writer? I think that this year as a blogger vs a writer for a newspaper or a daily or a weekly column, That is what I am going to look at, and through that try and discover what the passion is that drives me to blog.Now I know that  I am not a professional in any sense of the word. And that at times as my own editor there may be a few mistakes.  But as someone that has been doing this for only three years I know that I have come along way as well.

But that leaves a few thoughts going threw my head as well. As a writer am I trying to accomplish any life long goals? such as getting published one day? Or getting quoted by a famous speaker, or something to that effect? That I am not sure, but I know that at times the passion is there, and at times the dream is there as well. But I know that may never happen, and I am ok with that dream also. So then why write? As the title of the blog is leading to I am not sure if I want to write anymore, am I saying that I am going to give up? By no means but I may take a break every now and then just to refocus and find the drive and passion. Happy Reading, Adam


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