So we have the dream, we know where to start whats next?

Like the title implies,we have the dream, and know where to start but what is next? To me the next logical thing to do would be to follow that dream, looking into where to start,meaning get some ideas flowing and seeing where the road less traveled may lead. But what if we are scared to seek that dream out, we have had other dreams shared them but only to see them fall flat, or to see nobody else believe in the dream? Time to rise again and get up and get going. Nobody can truly help you achieve the dreams unless, you are willing to reach out and seek first.  But what if you have tried before to seek the help but the door closes? Does that mean to mope around for the next however many days, months, and so forth? No that means to get back up and try again, remember this is not a video game, mainly reference to the older ones such as Mario Brothers where you get three lives.

But the point is how long are you supposed to sit around and feel sorry for your self before you move on? Granted life just sucks and you never know witch way to head or go,

Lets remember what Tom Petty is saying here Wont back down, and standing our ground. How many times when we do get discouraged that we just want to give up and just turn away? That is not the road we are supposed to take, we are supposed to take the higher road and look towards the future. Now I am not saying that the road will get easier but know this you can lean on me when times get hard…

Happy Reading, Adam


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