“Only God knows why”

Now where would a title for a blog come from? Did something happen to make me question something , or was it more of a song that  I heard? Well to be honest it was a song, Now be on the look out, there are a few choice words in this song that may not be the best lyrics ever.

How many times do we question the plan that God has for us, only to be turned down hurt burned with no sense of what may be going on? To be honest I feel as if we have all been there to many times, but remember that God is there for us and us always willing to accept us back into the family. Am I in the authority of any kind to really wonder what may be going into our day in and day out lives and question the plan that God has for us? I can only speak for my self here, but even I wonder what the plan is that God has for me,only to realize that it may be two steps forward and one step backwards. Or in some random circumstances the reverse of that plan as well,grrr I wish that it more just plan black and white,I know that it is , but how many times do we still question everything that we have been thought? I know I have been down that road before, and I feel as if I may be starting down that same path again,

But wait at the same time who is in charge of the life I live? So I understand that God has the blue prints, but He has left us as the architect to over see the plans come about, but we are supposed to seek Him with our chooses right? So who’s live is this again?

Just something to think about…. Happy Reading , Adam


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