“Two Days”

So it has been two days since my last blog, and you may be wondering what all may be going on in my so-called interesting life since last we chatted. Well let me fill you all in on the so-called interesting life I lead, well to start with I guess a good place would be to start at the very start lol. I was born, not I do not mean I was born two days ago, oh wait to far back? I do so humbly ask for your forgiveness, I retract my last statement. But oh the joy of the blog, So two days ago was Sunday and not a to interesting of a Sunday in the way of Sundays, woke up and went to “church”, now with my job it has been hard for me to get Sundays off . So to say the least I was happy to be able to go, and enjoy the time of fellowship and unity. We have been in the book of Proverbs for who knows how long now, it is a good book but when you are going verse by verse it seems to just keep going and going.

But it does provide some interesting side topics for us to open up and discuss and things of that nature. Wow I just realized that I started a new paragraph like mid thought… anyway back on topic now. After church me and my family decided to go to the zoo since the weather was very nice and enjoyable that day.Downside we did not get to see the lions, or the aquarium which are two of my favorite areas to say the least. But overall a good day. Monday came and went,work time with the kids while Melissa was working. Over all nothing to exciting that day, Oh yeah probably the real highlight for that day was getting some bubble tea before I went to work that day, Anyway, Happy Reading Adam


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