The closer we get

The closer we get, the more nervous we become that in turn could relate to anything really. starting jr high/high school ,  the new job, a first date leading to asking for the engagement, leading to the wedding. And then from there the first birth, becoming a grand parent to retirement and then finally to death. The closer we get to really anything in life, to not even major things it is interesting as the closer we get the more we start to question, even doubt a little in our mind if this is a reality or if it is just a nice dream. What could cause this self doubt and fear? Where does our psyche cause the adrenaline to be such a build up leading to the doubt and fear, only to be surprised in the end about how positive the research comes from.

Now where could this be coming from? What could cause the dreams to lead to the reality of the situation without the fear and the doubt? Is there anyway to overlook the fear, and just to focus on the positive interaction of whatever it could be in reality? Does “Hollywood” paint a fake interpretation of what reality could be? Do they just have the dream and not focus on the hardships of everyday reality? Would the world be shocked if a major film star decided to just shed everything to see if they could survive on the street for a week? Without a phone, money, or anyway to contact? And they filmed the 24 hours. now what does this have to deal with the closer we get? I think sadly as a culture, we are about to be classed like that, now just for correction we are already classed like that. But I think it is only to get worse……. the closer we get…. Happy Reading, Adam


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