I have a feeling

I have a feeling where it is going to be one of those nights again, where sadly I will not be getting much sleep if any at all. For some reason or another my mind has not been able to turn its self off at night,granted I may get some sleep but is it enough? Do I seem more agitated through out the day? At times , but when you are not able to sleep what then can you do? Do I try and rest my brain or try and relax? Well of course I do, but then again why am I not able to process the sleep that I need? A lot of questions but for each answer that I do have more questions seem to follow. I know this seems like the only logical answer, but is it normal to actually worry about that feeling?

I wonder if at times, if I even make any sense to the fact of what I am trying to say, or being able to express my feelings without coming across any particular way. I assure you my readers out there, that I am the same person outside of this blog as the one who writes. But bare in mind that this is the side that seldom comes out due to not opening up. I feel more relational through my blog, meaning I can express what I am saying and am prepared for the feed back regardless of what it may be. But in person a totally different story. In person it may take me a while to be able to come up with the response that I am looking for, but through my writing I feel as if I can debate, relate and also come across stronger then in the “reality world”. The fear of public speaking ,but the art or the practicality of public blogging well that is another story. Writing to me is a dream/reality of the situation, I may use a lot of first person such as using I and already am aware that my editing may need some work. But to say the least the dream is still there.Happy Reading, Adam


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