Say Goodbye

It seems hard to say goodbye even if it is for the best possible reason, the roads have been crossed to try and reach a resolution, but there comes a point when you just need to say goodbye. After so many years of friendship of both up and downs, why does it hurt still when we no longer talk? Seven years of friendship, and I feel as if I have lost the closest fried that I ever had. Worst part there is no point trying to reach out when there is no response, would there be a point of reason when “you” do not even want t make an effort to listen.

Would sorry, even come close to the words that you need to hear? Not per say from “my self” but from the others as well who built up walls around as well. There have been others, yet the reaction does not seem the same as it was for “us”. Friendship at one point meant through everything, when we are kids the fights did not seem to last as long, the nights without communication did not seem to hurt. For the next day at the playground the friendship started over again, but as “we” get older it seems to take more and more to rebuild the friendship.

The memories are still there, for I remember the way it used to be when nothing else seemed to matter just “friends” hanging out as a group. getting some food and then a beer or two. But now the memories are starting to fade, the jokes have no effect anymore. At times to reach down and restart, but let “us” remember that would take both of “us” not just one. Even if the friendship started over again, back to the basic.  But is it to late?I have reworded the question before. But is it ? Happy Reading, Adam


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