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“There are those moments in life that take our breath away”, but yet in order to get to that point of the journey is a whole different story. Let us  examine the moments in life that lead us to this point, boy meets girl, boy likes girl a lot but is scared to admit to the girl that he likes her due to fear of rejection. What is the next step leading to this moment? Your whole world goes slow motion whenever she walks by, or you smell a wifet of her perfume and you get intoxicated by the smell. But what is the next step? Does she even know you are around? You might be surprised the entire time while you were starting to like her from a distance she was doing the same thing, laughing at your silly jokes, watching you walk around acting like a dork. Yes she did notice all of that but yet she is waiting for you to take that first step.

Now that first step is going to be a big one believe me, but you should not be scarred, remember the casual flirting can go both ways, and you have already admitted that you think she is cute. Oh and by the way she has said the same thing about you as well. Now you know that when friends are encouraging you to ask her out that is a good sing. But that first step comes with confidence. You can only stare from a distance before so long before she starts to think you are creepy, and we do not want to venture down that path again.

What we can take from this clip is this and I will end with this note : If you do not believe in your self then no one will believe in you, go for your dreams, do not be scarred to take a stand.  Happy Reading, Adam


the road less traveled

When we think of the road less traveled what are the first thoughts to come to mind, question is it the beautiful scenery or is it just the drive there are lots of thought to go with that, in this blog we are going to examine some of those finer points of interest and possibly even dive into a drive. When was the last time you got into a car? Well for most of us it was this morning going to work, taking kids to school/picking them up drive home, the store. Not a fair question well let me re tune the question when was the last time you just got into your car to drive with no agenda?

How many times do you wish that could be you? Just going for a drive to clear your mind, this song plays a good vibe for where this blog is headed……

When was the last time you really enjoyed life to the fullest and just drove? Those are some of the things that we need to challenge our selves with daily. But remember sometimes the road less traveled is the better way to go .Now would this beg to differ the optimistic view of the song? Or would this more challenge the idea that life is not as easy but sometimes we just need to take a drive? Happy Reading, Adam

It has been a few days…

So  understand that the time has come once again for a new blog, and guess what you the reader are correct. It has been almost ten days now since the blogs about having a dream and following that dream and so forth, but what would be a good way to address a new blog? Or for that matter a new set of blogs? Should there be a change in the style of writing or should that venture the same way?

Now what could be meant by that statement, keep the first person perspective out of the blog or re induct that character back in? Considering the source within the writing is the first person narrative anyway a lot could be said. But without including such it seems almost more of a personal vibe. But in all reality the writing comes from the heart when I write, its a feeling that comes from within and without shame and doubt.

With that out-of-the-way, let us move on and get back to the topic at hand, yes it has been ten days since my last blog, but sometimes the motivation to write is not all there. Do not get me wrong, there is enough going on right now with the wedding coming up to keep me focused to where I could write everyday. But to able to transfer the thoughts to the computer to the blog another story. Anyway Happy Reading, Adam

‘The Journey’

In the last blog there was mention of dreams, taking that another step forward, lets take a look at three different aspects of dreams and then break them down from there. The three areas that we are going to focus on is the American Dream even from how it looked over fifty years ago to present. Reality of the dream, going back to what the turning points/epiphanies etc we reach that make us step back and stop for a second the focus on the drive. And finally seeing whats Gods view is on dreams and how He used dreams to reach and to get messages across. Let us journey together and see what the dream is all about.

Chris Hedges was quoted as saying the following “The vaunted American dream, the idea that life will get better, that progress is inevitable if we obey the rules and work hard, that material prosperity is assured, has been replaced by a hard and bitter truth. The American dream, we now know, is a lie. We will all be sacrificed. The virus of corporate abuse – the perverted belief that only corporate profit matters – has spread to outsource our jobs, cut the budgets of our schools, close our libraries, and plague our communities with foreclosures and unemployment.” Now a lot could be said in regards to this quote, a lot of Americans would be firm believers that this is the American Dream as we view it as of now. Now before during the 1950’s and 60’s the American Dream was a bit different, Martin Luther King Jr said “”We will win our freedom because the sacred heritage of our nation and the eternal will of God are embodied in our echoing demands … when these disinherited children of God sat down at lunch counters they were in reality standing up for what is best in the American dream and for the most sacred values in our Judeo-Christian heritage, thereby bringing our nation back to those great wells of democracy which were dug deep by the founding fathers in their formulation of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.” Granted his dream was more to see an equal fair America as it is more developed now, but still there are a lot of walls up dividing us as a nation. According to a poll conducted by a YouGov during August 2013, found that 41 percent of Americans said it is impossible for most to achieve the American Dream and 38 percent said it is still possible. But the American dream could be defined as getting the promotion, getting married, owning a house, starting a family. But still for others the American dream could be defined as getting a college education, getting out of their old neighborhood, starting over some where fresh.

But each person is entitled to their own dreams right? But what if, we have that dream that seems out there? That dream that no one else but you believe in, what are some steps we can do to rally others to join us in our dreams? I think that this song sums up this very well….

What are we willing to sacrifice for our dreams? What is the one thing you are willing to trade give it all away for just that one thing? But what is that one thing? For some it could be to do missions work, for others it could be to open up a coffee shop to help those less fortunate, but all the ideas start somewhere right? What do they start with?What are some of the turning points that make us stop take a step back and wonder what the dream is really supposed to be, or as a reminder if the dream is out of focus how to get back on focus. Those brief moments in our day-to-day lives, that most epic memory that fantastic trip where years and years later we still have the memories with us, as if that moment had just happened.

Now the last section we are going to discuss Gods dream, now for those who may not have faith, remember this, faith is believing in something without seeing.Jesus allowed people to belong first, before they believed. Then, as they walked with Him, they began to believe. For some of them, coming to faith in Jesus took a long time.He didn’t justify their lack of belief or make excuses for their behavior while they were learning, but He allowed them to belong in order to believe. They didn’t have to clean up their lives first. God’s dream is to be relational with each and everyone of us,but it is up to us to accept this dream right? That is where faith comes into play faith and dreams believe without seeing but doing follow up and seeking answers and ways to make the dream come true. Happy Reading, Adam

What drives us?

So the question of the day is what drives us to be better or to set goals and reach those goals? Now the responses may be varied some may even come as a surprise, but if we are going to be truly honest within our selves we need to be asking questions like this on a daily basis.  How many times do we “lose focus” as to what we want out of our lives, as to what the “dream “is?  We seldom get distracted to the get rich skims , or we think we are making the right choice when in all reality we may not be. So another question would be how we do re focus on the dream or regain focus on what is truly important? Well that should be or would be for a different day, to equal the true nature of the situation.

Also for each situation there will be an equalizer a fraction that is the drive behind the dream, yet we are seldom stuck in the ways that we have adapted to.  So is the way to get back to the focus and keep it there? Self help can only offer a minimal help, for that result does not even last forever. Happy, Reading, Adam…..


Never Alone


Contrary to the thought that we are alone, or that we will never find anybody that is not the case at all.  Regardless to how your feelings are or where the past may have led you before, you need to remember that you were not meant to be alone. Or another way to put it you will never be alone. But wait will I have someone close in my life, a girlfriend/boyfriend something to that effect, urban believe is if you do not have a person such as that in your life you will be alone. But there are those who have come to adapt to the single life realizing instead that their talents could be put to help a mission or a cause, and accept that as a way of service. But still others feel as if they need someone in their life, a partner a source of comfort, a source of strength. To those do not give up the fight the moment when you least need it or feel like you are content with being single is the moment when someone will come into your life.

But still yet, the journey may be hard wanting to just meet someone and get it over with but you do not want to rush anything, and end up in a bad situation. A place where you can not breathe or feel as if you are trapped. Pray about the situation before you meet someone.  And if you do decide to date them pray about that as well. Even as the relationship grows deeper pray about it. If by chance you do not believe in prayer use council, talk to others who have been in the same situation. Happy Reading, Adam