Never Alone


Contrary to the thought that we are alone, or that we will never find anybody that is not the case at all.  Regardless to how your feelings are or where the past may have led you before, you need to remember that you were not meant to be alone. Or another way to put it you will never be alone. But wait will I have someone close in my life, a girlfriend/boyfriend something to that effect, urban believe is if you do not have a person such as that in your life you will be alone. But there are those who have come to adapt to the single life realizing instead that their talents could be put to help a mission or a cause, and accept that as a way of service. But still others feel as if they need someone in their life, a partner a source of comfort, a source of strength. To those do not give up the fight the moment when you least need it or feel like you are content with being single is the moment when someone will come into your life.

But still yet, the journey may be hard wanting to just meet someone and get it over with but you do not want to rush anything, and end up in a bad situation. A place where you can not breathe or feel as if you are trapped. Pray about the situation before you meet someone.  And if you do decide to date them pray about that as well. Even as the relationship grows deeper pray about it. If by chance you do not believe in prayer use council, talk to others who have been in the same situation. Happy Reading, Adam


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