What drives us?

So the question of the day is what drives us to be better or to set goals and reach those goals? Now the responses may be varied some may even come as a surprise, but if we are going to be truly honest within our selves we need to be asking questions like this on a daily basis.  How many times do we “lose focus” as to what we want out of our lives, as to what the “dream “is?  We seldom get distracted to the get rich skims , or we think we are making the right choice when in all reality we may not be. So another question would be how we do re focus on the dream or regain focus on what is truly important? Well that should be or would be for a different day, to equal the true nature of the situation.

Also for each situation there will be an equalizer a fraction that is the drive behind the dream, yet we are seldom stuck in the ways that we have adapted to.  So is the way to get back to the focus and keep it there? Self help can only offer a minimal help, for that result does not even last forever. Happy, Reading, Adam…..



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