It has been a few days…

So  understand that the time has come once again for a new blog, and guess what you the reader are correct. It has been almost ten days now since the blogs about having a dream and following that dream and so forth, but what would be a good way to address a new blog? Or for that matter a new set of blogs? Should there be a change in the style of writing or should that venture the same way?

Now what could be meant by that statement, keep the first person perspective out of the blog or re induct that character back in? Considering the source within the writing is the first person narrative anyway a lot could be said. But without including such it seems almost more of a personal vibe. But in all reality the writing comes from the heart when I write, its a feeling that comes from within and without shame and doubt.

With that out-of-the-way, let us move on and get back to the topic at hand, yes it has been ten days since my last blog, but sometimes the motivation to write is not all there. Do not get me wrong, there is enough going on right now with the wedding coming up to keep me focused to where I could write everyday. But to able to transfer the thoughts to the computer to the blog another story. Anyway Happy Reading, Adam


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