the road less traveled

When we think of the road less traveled what are the first thoughts to come to mind, question is it the beautiful scenery or is it just the drive there are lots of thought to go with that, in this blog we are going to examine some of those finer points of interest and possibly even dive into a drive. When was the last time you got into a car? Well for most of us it was this morning going to work, taking kids to school/picking them up drive home, the store. Not a fair question well let me re tune the question when was the last time you just got into your car to drive with no agenda?

How many times do you wish that could be you? Just going for a drive to clear your mind, this song plays a good vibe for where this blog is headed……

When was the last time you really enjoyed life to the fullest and just drove? Those are some of the things that we need to challenge our selves with daily. But remember sometimes the road less traveled is the better way to go .Now would this beg to differ the optimistic view of the song? Or would this more challenge the idea that life is not as easy but sometimes we just need to take a drive? Happy Reading, Adam


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