Untitled 3 1/2

“There are those moments in life that take our breath away”, but yet in order to get to that point of the journey is a whole different story. Let us  examine the moments in life that lead us to this point, boy meets girl, boy likes girl a lot but is scared to admit to the girl that he likes her due to fear of rejection. What is the next step leading to this moment? Your whole world goes slow motion whenever she walks by, or you smell a wifet of her perfume and you get intoxicated by the smell. But what is the next step? Does she even know you are around? You might be surprised the entire time while you were starting to like her from a distance she was doing the same thing, laughing at your silly jokes, watching you walk around acting like a dork. Yes she did notice all of that but yet she is waiting for you to take that first step.

Now that first step is going to be a big one believe me, but you should not be scarred, remember the casual flirting can go both ways, and you have already admitted that you think she is cute. Oh and by the way she has said the same thing about you as well. Now you know that when friends are encouraging you to ask her out that is a good sing. But that first step comes with confidence. You can only stare from a distance before so long before she starts to think you are creepy, and we do not want to venture down that path again.

What we can take from this clip is this and I will end with this note : If you do not believe in your self then no one will believe in you, go for your dreams, do not be scarred to take a stand.  Happy Reading, Adam


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