There’s a place

There is a place in the journey of life that we all come to at least once. That is always going to be with us as a memory. Seldom though as our journey in life continues we forget about that place. What is that place I am referring to? Where is there comfort, strength, and forgiveness? Where grace flows freely?

There is a place where I am beautiful again.My shame has been washed away, I am clothed in white before your eyes. I am free, I offer praise to Your name. I bow before the throne, You hold me in Thine arms as a child. Your grasp will never let me go. Despite where I have been, Your love is still there to capture me.

There was a place that was full of darkness, no light was able to shine through. Yet Your love broke through the enemy gates to FREE me. You knew I was still Yours despite my shame to even turn to You for help. You offered me drink when other turned away. You offered me food when others laughed at me. Your love taught me to heal, forgive and offer forgiveness to those who I hurt.

There is a place I am going to again one day. One day I will be with You forever. No eye can imagine what that place will be like, or even start to dream about it. But I know that I will be with those who have gone before me. To listen to there story, to be whole once again. Where the enemy can not snatch me from Your grasp. Forever I will reign with You.

There I am walking along in the journey of life, and You remind me. ” Adam you are mine, nothing will take you from  My grasp. From that day when you asked me into your life, I have been working on your heart. From the inside-out My love has shown to others, lives you may not know that you touched. Through Me your words have affected those who needed to hear it. I have a plan, I am not done with you yet.”

Hope this finds encouragement to those who may need it. Remember  you are not alone. God is walking right along side of you, lift your eyes to heaven. And He alone will be your strength. Happy Reading Adam


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