Top of the World


To be honest it has been a while since I felt this way, and I can honestly admit that feeling.  There has been so much doubt going on in within my life to be able to stand tall and admit that I am on top of the world? There is honestly no other greater feeling at all. But yet at the same moment at a very blink of the eye I could be at the bottom again. Does that mean I am thinking negative or wanting to feel or think that way? The answer of course by all meaning is NO! But when you think about life from an open point of view then you tend to see life the way it is supposed to be seen.

But does that not play into our thinking process at all? Or is just a mentality that we set our self up for. If we always think from a plus side attitude then yes we will be able to achieve more things, but life is not always about plus. There is also the negative side as well. How does our faith play an importance into that thinking is the next type of question we need to evaluate. Those with a faith background have a knowledge that God is going to overcome all things and that with our faith we will conquer all. But yet let us remember one thing where does faith start?

Happy Reading Adam