Reality of the situation

So a thought that has been going though my mind as of lately is this : are we just a figment or a glimpse of who we really in turn could be? Now what can I mean by this statement that is the truth of the question, but it is something that we all need to develop within our minds. I have been struggling a lot with this as of lately and it really has been making me wonder, what type of impact am I going to play into the world once I am gone. Am I going to be going anywhere soon, no but it still makes you wonder. What will the legacy be what will we be remembered for, do our past friends or those that claimed to be friends ever think I wonder how we are doing more on a personal friendship level? Instead of the level of which it is based already, or I guess when thinking about it applies to friendships current as well.

I know it may seem as if I am trying to complain or even for that matter gain sympathy of some sort, but in all reality that is not what I am going for when I do write about topics as of this nature. It just surprises me how real a friendship can be one moment and then next moment seem so fake. I do not feel as if I am the one only one who struggles and goes through this type of dealing, but it often weighs heavy on my heart. Anyway hope this makes sense to someone out there. Happy Reading, Adam