Truth or Fiction

Are we scared to seek the truth? For that matter how could truth be defined, or how do we know that we are following the truth? So according to the definition of truth is as follows :a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle. But how could that be truth if we have yet to seek what truth could be referring to? How do we know that truth is what truth is supposed to be? Another source says that definition of truth is a statement or idea that is true or accepted as true. So once again how or what are we supposed to be basing on?……Muhammad Ali wrote a poem about truth here it is….

But it still does raise the question that was first asked , What is truth? Where is that thin line between truth and fiction? What do we do need to seek truth, is it something that we need to seek on our own or is something that is handed to us? How do we know that those who we have proved as false in the past  were not speaking a form of truth? But we were so quick to judge them, or base there ideas as false? Is it up to one person to set the banner high for the truth or could it be a few people ? The truth is as one seeks it , but who are we once again to determine what is truth and what is fiction?

The fiction is a lot easier to believe then not, but then again there are those who say that truth is fiction. So how are we supposed to figure it out? Where are we supposed to seek, what are some good resources to use? A lot of questions but only a few answers. Happy Reading Adam


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