One and a million

As I sit here trying to think of the words to say nothing is coming to mind? There seems to be no peace when I need to find peace, even though I know everything will be ok. At times I want to question what I know, and try to change the outcome, but there is no serenity of that either. Who am I to really question anything? For I am a mere mortal, trapped here on this planet. Is it a trap, or is it an outcome willing to happen? Am I willing to let go and just let a “supreme ” being  take every aspect of my day to day life?

For who can I be if not my self? Can I be two-faced and yet still question what I am aware of one moment then the next disbelieve what I am trying to say? Would anyone matter when my time has come to turn in? Have I made any type of place where I can standout and stand apart and be counted? Or am I one that will get lost within the clouds of the others as well? Do I just matter????


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