“Experience “

At times when it is the darkest around us, that is when we should be seeking some sort of truth. But like we have already looked at what is truth? “The truth is as one seeks it”, and truth for one person could be dealing with faith, while for another it could be trying to seek their own higher power. Going off that thought for just a moment, we also looked at how fate was determined and that is connected by the choices we make. And how do we make choices? By asking questions and dreaming, but how else can we make choices? By peer pressure, by listing to others, but it is Our life right, so who are we to really listen to others?

You have a chance of a lifetime, a chance to make a difference of some sort, the question that remains is what are you going to do with that chance? How are you going to live out your life? Are the chances going to always be coming, or are they like a flicker of light, a mindset that only comes around every once in a while? Does that mean “we” are supposed to go through life and figure it out on our own, does that mean we are supposed to give up if times get hard, for example. Loosing a loved one, a job, or a relationship, by no means  it will only make us stronger. That is how we can relate to each other, by telling stories and sharing hurts, joys and just life together.

Never be afraid to speak your mind, do other count? Or is our own morality that matter? Friends may come and go, but real friends will always be there no matter what.  Over the course we may loose a few friends that we thought were going to be there always, but for every friend we do loose think of the friends we gain?”Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
That quote was by Albert Camus, how many times do we feel that way?  A better question would be “Do we pick our friends or do they pick us”, that quote was by this author. But lets pause a moment and think of how true it is. C.S. Lewis had a famous quote about friendship that said.“Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” So many times we do feel like we are on this journey but the smallest things can trigger a lifetime friendship.—-Happy Reading, Adam

““God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way.”
C.S. Lewis



At times how many of us have ever wished that we could see through another set of eyes? To actually walk in someone else’s shoes. See how they live in the day-to-day, have some of the troubles that they have. Most of “us” would very much like that chance, but how many of us would truly want to change spots with someone else? Would “we” want that deity like complex and see that first hand , or are we to comfortable in the path of life that we are on?

Take this for a grain of salt example, the tv show “Once Upon A Time”. People that live in an ordinary town, it could be even similar to the town that you live in. But they are all somehow linked to fairytale stories from a past life. They have to find out who they are…. and how do they find those answers, ask questions, trying to seek out the answers to which they need. But this reality we are not linked to stories, but that still raises a good point, how can we find out answers without asking questions. The questions can be simple or they can be complex the choice is really up to you, but never stop asking, that is how you can find things out that you seek

But in order to get to the point of questions there needs to come a few things before that and one after. Life, yes life happens all the time, and yes life would go on without us being in the picture, sadly life would continue with out you in the picture but by experiencing life it gives us a better chance to explore our likes and dislikes. Don’t be afraid to take chances, freedom to explore.  But what is one way we can dream? By taking chances, and also by going through life. Dreams are something that no one can ever take away, dreams are our own freedom, our own thoughts. But by dreaming, lots of the questions in which we seek the answers can be found.

Change is up to each and every person by them self, there is so much self help change books out there that we are almost scared to live out our lives due to the fact that we think we need to change so much. There was a quote that said something to the effect “Why try to change for each person that you meet? When there is only One person that you need to change for. And that is for your self.”…. Happy Reading, Adam

Where have we been?

There are millions of millions of Galaxies out there to be discovered, but in all reality where have we been? Have we given up potential and just decided to stay earth-bound? And not even entertain the idea of seeing what is out there? What could this look like from an earth perspective? Lets take a look at this for a moment.

In 1961 then President Kennedy had a dream, the 1960’s were already full of dreams but this was more out there. In May 1961 these following words were said to the then active congress, “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth.’ Talk about reaching for the “Stars” and did we accomplish this first goal , yes we did in July of 1969 this was accomplished, Neil Armstrong was the first human to step foot on the moon. So only 8 years after the challenge was made we reached it. For the second goal NASA got a huge budget of 23 million dollars to reach this goal…”This gives promise of some day providing a means for even more exciting and ambitious exploration of space, perhaps beyond the moon, perhaps to the very end of the solar system itself.” As of 2014 we still  don’t have probes around every planet. We had probes fly by every planet, if that counts. We’ve landed probes on just a few, and they rarely remained operational for long. So where is all this money going? Who is being held accountable?

Lets keep taking a look here….”Third, an additional 50 million dollars will make the most of our present leadership, by accelerating the use of space satellites for world-wide communications.” Well I know for a fact this was put to good use. I can have internet conversations with people across the globe daily , communication and satellites have opened this door of possibility. So are communication dying out? To some degree due to modern tech we have lost a lot of the personal interaction, ut we have gained so much as well. Now this last one I know we have reached just turn on the weather channel or something to that effect….”Fourth, an additional 75 million dollars–of which 53 million dollars is for the Weather Bureau–will help give us at the earliest possible time a satellite system for world-wide weather observation.” And they are still looking for ways to expand and get faster still at notifying about weather updates.

Now when all of this was going there was a racial divided country, there was a war that was just starting in Southeast Asia, and we were about to have a stare down with Cuba. So maybe not the best time for a dream of this caliber, but if you want to think about it from another point of view. Why not try to dream and see where it takes you next….Happy Reading, Adam

The Journey-Who is in control

Is there ever a place in our lives in which we feel as if we fail? As if the journey is not part of what we are going towards? If we lost our way and we are not sure which way to go? But what if we can not start over, there is no reset button. What if the journey is just part of our learning in which we take steps either forward or backwards and the steps are not predetermined, would that make this life any easer or would it be harder? In some aspect I could really see it going either way. What could the drive be that drives us so hard when in reality we just live day-to-day as if we are robots.

Who is our designer, what if we have a micro chip inside of us making the choices for us, and when we die the micro chip is just ready to non exist anymore. Could this be a real possibility or is this just a far fetch dream. Or maybe not a dream but maybe a thought that not many have discovered as of yet. True that does sound far fetched, and a bit of the future trying to seep through, but yet the thought is still out there. Who is the leader in which we seek direction? What are the sources that we can rally behind? That is the question of the journey in which we are going to try and explore in more depth in future readings….. Happy Reading Adam