The Journey-Who is in control

Is there ever a place in our lives in which we feel as if we fail? As if the journey is not part of what we are going towards? If we lost our way and we are not sure which way to go? But what if we can not start over, there is no reset button. What if the journey is just part of our learning in which we take steps either forward or backwards and the steps are not predetermined, would that make this life any easer or would it be harder? In some aspect I could really see it going either way. What could the drive be that drives us so hard when in reality we just live day-to-day as if we are robots.

Who is our designer, what if we have a micro chip inside of us making the choices for us, and when we die the micro chip is just ready to non exist anymore. Could this be a real possibility or is this just a far fetch dream. Or maybe not a dream but maybe a thought that not many have discovered as of yet. True that does sound far fetched, and a bit of the future trying to seep through, but yet the thought is still out there. Who is the leader in which we seek direction? What are the sources that we can rally behind? That is the question of the journey in which we are going to try and explore in more depth in future readings….. Happy Reading Adam


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