At times how many of us have ever wished that we could see through another set of eyes? To actually walk in someone else’s shoes. See how they live in the day-to-day, have some of the troubles that they have. Most of “us” would very much like that chance, but how many of us would truly want to change spots with someone else? Would “we” want that deity like complex and see that first hand , or are we to comfortable in the path of life that we are on?

Take this for a grain of salt example, the tv show “Once Upon A Time”. People that live in an ordinary town, it could be even similar to the town that you live in. But they are all somehow linked to fairytale stories from a past life. They have to find out who they are…. and how do they find those answers, ask questions, trying to seek out the answers to which they need. But this reality we are not linked to stories, but that still raises a good point, how can we find out answers without asking questions. The questions can be simple or they can be complex the choice is really up to you, but never stop asking, that is how you can find things out that you seek

But in order to get to the point of questions there needs to come a few things before that and one after. Life, yes life happens all the time, and yes life would go on without us being in the picture, sadly life would continue with out you in the picture but by experiencing life it gives us a better chance to explore our likes and dislikes. Don’t be afraid to take chances, freedom to explore.  But what is one way we can dream? By taking chances, and also by going through life. Dreams are something that no one can ever take away, dreams are our own freedom, our own thoughts. But by dreaming, lots of the questions in which we seek the answers can be found.

Change is up to each and every person by them self, there is so much self help change books out there that we are almost scared to live out our lives due to the fact that we think we need to change so much. There was a quote that said something to the effect “Why try to change for each person that you meet? When there is only One person that you need to change for. And that is for your self.”…. Happy Reading, Adam


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