Where has the time gone?

It has been so long since my last blog I thought I would take a moment and revisit and also update for the most part as to what has been going on….

So as I sit and think of what to write once again I am pondering as to what to fill people in on. If that makes sense, I have now been married for one year and so far that has been going really good and amazing. Each and every day God is teaching me new things through that, the kids are doing well, my oldest is going to be entering 5th grade in the fall. My youngest will be entering kindergarten, my wife has now been with her company going on 8 years which is Toys R Us. So everything is going well for the family, as for me well that could be a different story…..

Ever since January I have been going through a lot of different medical issues to the point where I am unable to drive or work at the moment, the doctors are calling it absentee ceazure. It has been long 7 months without either of those factors , am I in a burnout mode? I guess a better question would be how come I have not written that much lately? Honestly not that much motivation. So some adjustments have been getting used to that factor. But other than that another day in paradise Happy Reading , Adam