The events that go through our life, are not just moments of happiness but also moments of sadness of anger, regret and sadness. It is almost as if life does not have that equal balance  but if it did we would be perfect right? But no matter as hard as we try we will never be perfect.So then what are we striving for ? What is the goal in which we are trying to reach?

Most religions teach of a higher power, now with that higher power they teach that for some ” heaven ‘ is a goal, once you reach there then you become perfect. Others teach of incarnation meaning if you don’t reach that state of perfection you will come back and try again. But still how does that help with every day struggles? Does that provide a more sense of peace or does that provide more anxiety?

Where is this coming from? What has been traveling through my mind to make it wonder so? Those are questions I am still trying to figure out and explore… But until next time faithful readers…. Adam D.



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